Solicitors need a strong voice in convocation!

As you know, solicitors have historically been underrepresented in convocation. With this year’s LSO bencher election, I strongly urge you to: a) vote and b) make a conscious decision to vote for strong solicitor representation.

Many lawyers campaigning for STOP. It’s obvious what they are against, but do you know what they are for?

Convocation deals with more than one issue.

I have the experience and good standing among my peers to be a voice for all lawyers across the province. I am endorsed by the following lawyers, inside and outside of Toronto.

Reuben Rosenblatt
Sid Troister
Jeff Lem
Maurizio Romanin
Bob Aaron
Larry Banack
Alan Silverstein
Bram Potechin
Eldon Horner
Harvey Strosberg
Jonathon Rosenthal
Andrew Dilkens
Don Thompson

How can you help?

  • Let your colleagues know of my bid for re-election by forwarding a link to this blog,; and
  • Use the social media Share buttons below to spread the word to your networks.

Thank you for your support.

One thought on “Solicitors need a strong voice in convocation!

  1. Raymond HENRI Gouin

    Jerry, you will have my vote for “outside Toronto”. I will vote strategically: I only vote for you.

    I am in the Ottawa area, called to the bar in 1978. I practice mainly in real estate, wills and estates and some corporate and commercial matters.

    I am a deputy judge of the Small Claims Court in the East region and often see young lawyers who could have benefited from a Bar Admission Course like the one for which I was an instructor from approximately 1987 to 2008; perhaps the Bar Admission course should come back.

    Good luck to you in this campaign.



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