Electronic Fund Transfers

The following Powerpoint was presented at the Six Minute Real Estate Lawyer Program of the LSUC on November 8, 2016 by the writer.

If you have questions or concerns please post them here.



4 thoughts on “Electronic Fund Transfers

  1. Matthew Mayo

    Thank you Jerry. This echos many of the concerns I’ve been hearing from many other practitioners as well. The funds transfer system could use a reboot, but this option isn’t it.


  2. Steven Follett

    It would be preferable if the LSUC issued a statement as to which Electronic Money Transfer System was approved by it as meeting the Law Society’s Rules. It seems terribly inefficient to require each practitioner to analyze the details of each system and determine if it meets all of the criteria. In addition to the inefficiency, it leaves the public exposed to some practitioner(s) failing to choose the correct system.


    1. jerrybudell

      It’s not the mandate of the LSUC to approve or disapprove of software programs.
      I understand your frustration but the mandate is to protect the public. There are inefficiencies with all public bodies.
      (don’t shoot the messenger).
      In the same respect, we are all lawyers. We know how to read and write and should carefully review every document we sign…especially when it comes to dealing with funds that are given to us in trust. We all need to be responsible for our own actions. The LSUC is reviewing the Easyfund program and has not commented on it yet. Again, this is my personal opinion but others are prepared to take risks I am not.


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